#Todunspotlight - Oluchi Agbasi

May 3, 2018

#TodunSpotlight is a campaign to showcase Canadian International Students and Immigrants and their views on life in Canada.
Our spotlight is on Oluchi Agbasi, an X-ray Technologist living in Calgary, Alberta. She is also an amazing writer and a professional model. Oluchi came to Canada as an International Student and is now a permanent resident of Canada

Did you change program/Career after you got to Canada? Why?

I changed program (I changed schools too) due to some initial financial difficulties, but I do not regret it one bit! In a way, I see it as a blessing in disguise. The program I ended up choosing became the catalyst for a very rewarding career path. 


Favourite or Funny moment from when you first arrived?

I remember just walking out of the plane into the airport and wanting to bawl so hard because it was so COLD. When my homestay (the Canadian family I stayed with during my school year) came to pick me up, they thought I was mute because I wouldn’t speak to them. (I had my lips pursed, trying to hold back the tears because I was terrified!).

Something you wish someone told you when you first arrived?

That I needed better winter gear.


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Stay Todun!

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