#Todunspotlight - Omolajipe Faleyimu

March 29, 2018

Todun Spotlight is a campaign to showcase Canadian International Students and Immigrants and their views on life in Canada.
Our first #todunspotlight is on Omolajipe Faleyimu, Principal Consultant at @todunconsulting.


How many provinces/cities in Canada have you been to?
6 Provinces (Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) and 18 Cities so far. I really liked Kelowna in BC and I can’t wait to visit Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


What advice would you give a new immigrant?
Ask lots of questions and network, that’s the best way to integrate properly into the system. There are lots of resources available to new immigrants such as employment centres, multicultural associations etc. Take advantage of them. Have a positive attitude and never give up.


If you are in Canada, or in the process of moving to Canada, and would like to be featured on #todunspotlight or have questions you would like answered on #todunspotlight, please send us a message.If you are interested in studying or relocating to Canada, please send us an email: info@todunconsulting.com 


Stay Todun!


Disclaimer: Participants are not necessarily Todun Consulting Clients.



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