#Todunspotlight May 10 2018

May 10, 2018

Todun Spotlight is a campaign to showcase Canadian International Students and Immigrants and their views on life in Canada.

Today's #todunspotlight prefers to be anonymous but his story is definitely worth sharing. It is another reminder to international students, workers and visitors to be aware of the conditions of their visas/permits.


Tell us about yourself?

Well I won't say my name. I am a bit embarrassed but I think your spotlight is a great idea for people to learn. I went to Canada for school in 2008. I did the one year of university preparation and got into a good university. I got carried away at school and unfortunately, I had to return home in 2011.

I was not able to complete my degree so I came back home with nothing. My parents were very upset, I think my dad still is. Thankfully I was able to get my first degree here in Nigeria and, thanks to Todun Consulting, I got my study permit application approved. I won't take it for granted this time.


How did you end up back home?

To be honest, it was my fault. I didn't pay attention and my study permit expired. By the time I realized it, I was out of status and I had to leave. I don't want to over share but I should have done better.


What advice would you give to international students in Canada?

Stay focused. Remember why you are there. Don't copy other people and make the most of what Canada has to offer.


If you are in Canada, or in the process of moving to Canada, and would like to be featured on #todunspotlight or have questions you would like answered on #todunspotlight, please send us a message.

If you are interested in studying or relocating to Canada, please send us an email: info@todunconsulting.com 


Stay Todun!

Disclaimer: Participants are not necessarily Todun Consulting Clients.

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